By the coast

By the coast

By the water, life is lived differently. The minutes not counted, the daily routine replaced by the rhythm of the tide and the sun as it rises and falls. Fringing the ocean and embracing this freer pace of life, Aman’s retreats are sanctuaries, whether seeking romance, reconnection or a serene time out. 

Between land’s end and the ocean’s brim, a place of peace exists; one that awakens the body and invites the mind and soul to start a new. Whether taking comforting footsteps across soft sands or submerging in crystal waters, each moment on the water encourages wellbeing – the very essence of what it means to spend time at an Aman.

Moments of reflection

From stargazing and kiteboarding to tasting fresh seafood and uncovering the natural wonders of the ocean floor, experiences at Aman's coastal destinations are countless and varied.

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